Echelon Case Study

Case Study: How Echelon Cabinetry Transformed the Home Buying Experience with a 3D Custom Cabinetry Visualizer

Echelon surveyed 800 home buyers and found that 61% of them would have chosen their kitchen differently if they had used the 3D visualizer first.

Echelon Cabinetry wanted to help home buyers make better cabinetry choices when designing their new kitchens. MediaLab developed a 3D “kitchen planner” tool that made it possible for home buyers “see” all of the various kitchen options together. The resulting cabinetry visualizer provided a best-in-class experience that also helped home buyers select a kitchen they would be happy with.

Read more to find out how Echelon:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased sales and upgrades
  • Improved design choice efficiency
  • Saw a 65% adoption rate after only 4 months on the market
  • Enjoyed significant cost savings over traditional photography

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