Why 3D Animation Excels Over Video

Learn why leading marketers are increasingly turning to animation to help them reach their sales, marketing and customer service goals.


Free Report: Why 3D Animation Excels Over VideoSavvy marketing, sales and product managers understand the value of integrating video into their digital marketing arsenal. The ability to grab attention, tell a complex story, and connect with the viewer using sight and sound has made video a powerful tool. However, more and more of today’s leading marketers are turning to an even better, faster and more effective tool to demonstrate their product: 3D animation.


Our in-depth, 8-page report examines the top 10 advantages of 3D product animation, how it makes the most of your budget and ultimately contributes to the success of your sales and marketing strategies. It also examines some of the ways in which animation is superior in resolving all-too-familiar challenges – such as the need to demonstrate the internal workings of a product, highlight a product’s unique features and communicate complex product installation or troubleshooting steps. 

What you'll learn:

  • Why demonstrating complex product features is critical
  • Issues to consider when using video
  • The advantage of animation
  • Specifics on how 3D animation is superior to video
  • What to look for in a 3D animation partner


Get up-to-speed on 3D product animation and how you can leverage your engineering files to take you further than product video ever could.

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