Improving the Customer Experience and Reducing
Warranty Costs with Instructional Animation

Find out how customer service executives are using 3D instructional animation to cut warranty/call center costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Reducing warranty claims is a top priority for today's QA and customer service senior management. And no wonder, since recent studies have linked rising warranty costs with negative post-sale customer satisfaction. Studies also show that online "how to" video demonstrations positively impact customer service and quality management goals while improving the customer experience.


Our comprehensive, 9-page report examines the 4 key ways in which online instructional videos are helping manufacturers "rein in" customer service/warranty-related costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

What you'll learn:

  • The 6 advantages of 3D animation over traditional video for demonstrating "how to" procedures
  • Detailed insight into how animation excels over video for achieving call center/warranty cost reductions
  • Why animation is also becoming a preferred tool for channel partners, field techs, and mobile consumers
  • The 10 qualities to look for in a 3D animation partner

Discover how 3D instructional animation can cut your warranty/call center costs – and keep customers happy with your product and company.

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