3D Product Shots

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No product? No prototype? No problem.

Speed time to market by eliminating the chaos, cost and headaches of traditional photography. Our 3D product images are more consistent, accurate, versatile, and cost effective.  

Coordinating product delivery, prototypes and multiple shoots for every color and variation can quickly drain your budget and time. MediaLab makes product variations easy by quickly modifying images for every variation you need — whether it's color, design or small details unique to each channel partner. Our process is far more cost effective than multiple photo shoots — and makes for more consistency across images. MediaLab’s team of designers works directly from your engineering files to create accurate, realistic 3D product images — perfect for everything from SKU images to training materials. 

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MediaLab is the leading innovator in 3D product images and animation. We serve over 60 global consumer product organizations, helping them communicate complex product details in a consumer-friendly, cost-effective manner every day. 

Have a product launch coming up? Let our team help you get your product to market faster and more cost-effectively!