3D Set Shots

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MediaLab's 3D set shots save you the costs and headaches of hiring a photographer and building a set. As realistic as traditional photography and far more versatile, our custom 3D set shots show your product within any décor, location, lifestyle or setting. Need to show a new color or theme? Want to display good-better-best product lineups? Forget the dreaded re-shoots. Our 3D set shots can be quickly and easily modified — at one-fifth the cost of traditional set shots.

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As with photography, art direction can make or break the shot. Learn how our 3D Artists and Interior Designers work with you at every step to achieve perfection. Download "Keeping it Real: Art Directing the 3D Set Shot."

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MediaLab is the leading innovator in 3D product images and animation. Serving over 60 global consumer product organizations, we help them communicate complex product details in a consumer-friendly, cost-effective manner every day.