CAD Symbols & BIM Objects

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Get Specified in Design Plans More Often

Improve your brand visibility and be a part of design plans — right from the beginning. Designers, architects, engineers and home owners use 2D and 3D models to specify products in their designs. For product manufacturers and marketers, creating quality 3D models is an opportunity to increase your specification rates by making products available to the designers who will ultimately recommend them for purchase. Getting "spec'd" in building models and home interior designs makes your product the natural choice once plans are complete and it’s time to buy. 

Create the Right 2D & 3D Objects

MediaLab consults with you to help you create the right objects to reach your audience. Our team can help you understand exactly what you need for Revit®, Sketchup, AutoCAD®, 3ds Max®, Homestyler® and more — and create best-fit object bundles for syndication to the appropriate design packages.

Popular 2D and 3D model types include:

Revit Family Files (.rfa Files)

Revit families are 3D models used in Autodesk® Revit — a software used primarily by commercial designers, architects and engineers for building information modeling (BIM). For commercial product manufacturers, creating Revit family files provides a chance to be the recommended choice of commercial design professionals — from the earliest stages of design. Product placement in a commercial building design can amount to dozens, even hundreds of units sold for installation in a single building.

Revit families are more than simple 3D models. They communicate important ‘metadata’ about a product. MediaLab is one of fewer than 10 certified Autodesk Revit specialists in the country — creating quality family files at reduced file sizes that keep your proprietary specifications protected. Quality is also essential for ensuring that your Revit objects are Autodesk Seek®-compliant, to avoid file QA fees and gain approval for syndication to Revit.

3D Objects (.obj & .3ds Files)

Both .obj and .3ds are widely-adopted file formats for use across 3D design applications, with a wide reach and appeal. They're used by film studios, game designers and agencies to create photoreal visualizations and animations — as well as by architects and designers in design plans.

MediaLab can package your 3D models for ultimate flexibility and use between applications, regardless of the 3D platform. And we create our 3D objects with your security in mind — protecting proprietary information so your products can't be easily reproduced or reverse engineered through acquisition of the model files.    

Sketchup Objects (.skp Files)

SSketchup objects are used in Google Sketchup — a free online tool that's quickly gaining popularity for 3D modeling and home remodel planning. Because of its accessibility and ease of use, Sketchup is used by consumers directly, as well as by architects and designers. For product and brand marketers, manufacturers and retailers, it creates an opportunity to get products directly in front of consumers and win them over in the planning phase. It also offers the opportunity for you to get out in front of your competitors, with product placement in a tool that's still up and coming – or in the latest design arena.

CAD Symbols (.dwg & .dxf Files)

CAD Symbols are 2D drawings and 3D objects used in a number of computer-aided design and drafting programs, including Autodesk AutoCAD. AutoCAD is used by architects, civil engineers, builders and designers for architectural and interior design. For product manufacturers and marketers, CAD symbols are an additional opportunity to increase your specification rates and win the recommendation of design professionals.

As one of only a handful of certified AutoDesk vendors, MediaLab is an expert in creating .dwg files specifically for AutoCAD as well as .dxf interchange files for extra usability in other CAD software packages.  

Homestyler Objects

Autodesk Homestyler is a free online tool for interior design and remodel planning that lets users "decorate with real products." Because of its accessibility and ease of use, it's used by consumers directly as well as design professionals. For manufacturers and retailers, it's another opportunity to showcase products at the point consumers are specifying them in their design plans. MediaLab is one of two providers in the country for this relatively new software that is quickly gaining traction.

Accurate Files, Every Time

Working from your engineering, Pro-E or other source files for accuracy, MediaLab creates guaranteed high-quality Revit family files that save you time, money and frustration. Quality 3D objects help you avoid costly QA fees and rework. 

Protect Your Proprietary Specifications

MediaLab strips out unnecessary proprietary information to create smaller files with only the necessary specifications. And we never outsource your files to third-party designers in countries that don't recognize U.S. property laws.