Architectural Interior Images

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Residential Builders

Forget the costs of model homes. Show realistic images of rooms for homes that are not yet built – using customized, fully furnished 3D interior renderings. Showcase every room on the floor plan – from deluxe kitchens, living rooms and master baths to foyers and bonus rooms. Our 3D images are the perfect way to demonstrate key upgrades and show selection options – plus they can be reused in marketing channels such as print, TV, websites and sales office displays.

Commercial Builders

Bring interior designs and architectural detail to life with MediaLab’s 3D interior renderings. Showcase key design features and clearly illustrate space planning to impress your customer and speed up the approval process. Our experts help your audience take the guesswork out of visualizing available material choices. Completed images can be used in all kinds of marketing materials – from print and sales office displays to web and TV — giving you more mileage for your images.