Area Maps

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Show all the important points of interest

Tell your community’s entire story by showing the surrounding points of interest, like schools, commuter access, recreation areas, shopping centers and more. The perfect complement to floor plans and community maps, our area maps illustrate how close a future community will be to the places people care about most. Ideal for use in print and on the web.

Customized to your specifications

MediaLab’s area maps are customized to your specifications to ensure a look and feel that reflects your brand. Our design team creates area maps that can be used for all marketing media — we can even make them interactive. Whether you choose black and white or color, MediaLab’s area maps will help increase your homebuyer's engagement with a community and its surroundings.

Take your area maps to the next level

Differentiate yourself from the competition and boost homebuyer engagement with Interactive Area Maps. Click by click, they'll get a detailed picture of their surroundings – making your community and its location the easy choice. Learn more about MediaLab's exclusive Interactive Area Map technology.