Architectural Cutaways

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Don't just tell homebuyers why your homes are superior – show them. MediaLab’s architectural cutaways help you demonstrate structural integrity and other details – from the inside out. Using cutaways, you can show materials used, energy-saving measures, reinforcement techniques, weather-proofing and more. Whether presented electronically or in print materials, these reassuring structural details make your home the clear choice.

Engage the customer with interaction

Encourage customers to explore the quality that's built into every one of your homes. With interactive and animated cutaways, homebuyers can learn about structural details – one feature at a time. Whether they watch an animated demonstration about your insulation technique or get a detailed view of your framing and ductwork, customers will see exactly why your homes are different from the competition's.

Welcome to the New Sales Office

As part of MediaLab's  Interactive Sales Center Presentation, our interactive cutaways help your sales consultants explain important structural details that, until now, were considered abstract or complex. Availability in HTML5 and Flash means that MediaLab's interactive technology can be used on iPads and other mobile devices – so your sales team can take their office with them, wherever they go. Point by point, they can now reassure the customer like never before.

The sales office is evolving, and we’re leading the way. Let's discuss how we can help you.