Product Cutaways

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Realistic, versatile and accurate interior views

More effective than traditional photography, our 3D cross sections tell your product's story from the inside out. Perfect for clarifying installation, assembly and troubleshooting steps — online, in technical publications and training materials. Whether you need to show a detailed cutaway of a complex design or an exploded view of parts, our cross sections ensure easy, clear communication of your product's interior details. No distracting shadows. No budget-breaking re-shoots. Just clean, realistic views that help reduce the learning curve. Traditional photography  — requiring teams to disassemble complex products or pull apart prototypes — just doesn't cut it.

Created directly from your engineering files

Unlike most marketing firms, MediaLab has the experience and expertise to read and interpret your engineering files in order to create cutaways to your exact specifications. The result? Accuracy and flexibility that are literally built right in. 

Take cross sections and cutaways to the next level with 3D animation.

Bring your cross section images to life with 3D animation. Put cutaway and exploded views into motion to show details and features inside your product in a way that's impossible with traditional video. Learn more about our 3D animated cutaways.