Instructional Animation

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Improve Sales Training Effectiveness

Educate your team with high-quality 3D product animations and they'll gain powerful information that will help them maximize sales. Combining instructional design with interaction, MediaLab's 3D Product Animations make it easy to demonstrate and explain product features inside and out. Unlike video, 3D animation can show a transparent view of all internal workings and parts, so what was once almost impossible to explain becomes simple to comprehend and retain. And, because we work straight from your engineering files, you can start training before a product is even built. By the time the product hits the market, your team is ready to hit the ground running.  

Reduce the learning curve, improve consumer engagement

Remembering is one thing — learning is another. Make it easy for customers to fully understand new products and features with MediaLab’s 3D product animation. We use an instructional design approach to give consumers a precise demonstration so effective that it reduces the learning curve and increases recall of a product's features and benefits. We use your engineering files and our expertise to clearly show details, instructions and variations in a comprehensive way that is simply impossible with video. This deeper look isn't just what the consumer wants — it’s what today’s consumer expects

Increase customer satisfaction, decrease warranty calls and returns

Is it possible to rapidly boost customer satisfaction and call center efficiency at the same time? It is with MediaLab’s interactive 3D product animations. By combining an instructional design approach with the latest 3D technology, our installation and troubleshooting animation demonstrates and clarifies complex installation details and features from the inside out, in a way that video just can’t. The result? Consumers know enough to troubleshoot on their own — decreasing warranty returns and calls. And when they do call, your customer service staff will be confident and better equipped to help, cutting down call time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Enhance your technical publications

Whether your audience is consumers, sales teams or installers, MediaLab’s 3D animation will help them understand your product like never before. Our instructional design approach transforms complex product details and directions into easy-to-understand steps and information. A perfect complement to your technical publications, 3D animation helps to tell a product’s whole story from the inside out. Want to learn more about what multimedia learning can do for your business? See how we make it work.

The MediaLab difference

We understand that each product has its own complexities — there’s no such thing as one size fits all. MediaLab consults with you and takes the time to get to know your specific needs to create the animations that are right for you. Our platform will be completely customized to your parameters, to help you streamline processes, cut costs, engage customers and increase sales.

MediaLab designs your digital assets with your website needs in mind. Our interactive animations can be developed in Flash and HTML5 for mobile and tablet PC compatibility.