Interactive Color Scheme Designer

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Simplify the selection process

Simplify design decisions with MediaLab’s Interactive Color Scheme Designer. Guide homebuyers as they explore and visualize exterior selections for siding, stucco, brick, stone, roofing, trim and more, empowering them to make 80% of their crucial decisions before they ever see samples. Then, step inside and help homebuyers narrow down their options for interior elements like appliances, colors, cabinetry, flooring and counters — all in a realistic 3D environment. Our color scheme designer encourages the homebuyer to explore all upgrades offered by the builder. 

Let our color selector do the work

It’s one thing for a homebuyer to imagine their dream home, or to look at brochures and magazines to get ideas. It's another thing when homebuyers can see their own clear, realistic picture of the home they want. MediaLab's Interactive Color Scheme Designer engages homebuyers and empowers them to put all of their choices in action so they can easily narrow down their options before even seeing actual samples. Not only does this keep homebuyers from becoming overwhelmed by choices, it gives them more peace of mind to make final selections. Decisions made fast and upgrades made easy.

Knowledge really is power. MediaLab’s Interactive Color Scheme Designer enhances floor plans so you can give homebuyers the whole, crystal-clear picture of all their options, making those tough decisions a lot easier.