Interactive Construction Reviews

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Demonstrate proposed construction like never before

Show every stage of construction seamlessly with MediaLab's Interactive Construction Review Presentation software. Using interactive 3D animation, you can clearly communicate everything – from environmental impact, traffic patterns, pedestrian flow and staging – to major equipment locations. Perfect for “short list” presentations, these interactive animations give you the competitive edge. During the project, your Interactive Construction Review Presentation will facilitate approvals and smooth planning discussions – reducing potential confusion and misunderstandings. 

Ready when you are

At MediaLab, we know turnaround time is always a priority – especially with proposals and presentations. Our team is committed to meeting these aggressive deadlines every day. Plus, because we work directly from your engineering files, your interactive presentation will be delivered with 100% accuracy. Best of all – because your presentation is available in Flash or HTML5 – you can step through planned construction via the web, an iPad, mobile device or touchscreen.

Beyond the bid

Our Interactive Construction Review Presentation will make your plan the easy choice. Then, after the bid process, MediaLab will easily adapt your presentation for other marketing needs – such as your firm's website, your client's PR materials and beyond.

Bid presentations have changed. Have you? Discover the MediaLab difference.