Interactive Floor Plans

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In the office and online, MediaLab helps you make an unforgettable impression. Our Interactive Floor Plans represent more than 200 builders with at least 20,000 floor plans on the web. We put the power of customization at your homebuyers' fingertips with photo-quality 3D images. Surprisingly cost-effective and easy to use, our Interactive Floor Plans leave nothing to the buyer's imagination. That's not all. Available in HTML5 and Flash, MediaLab's Interactive Floor Plan technology is ideal for iPads, touch screens, mobile devices and the web.

On the web

According to a Harris Interactive Survey, 82% of homebuyers use the internet during their home search process, making your web presence a critical part of your sales office. Not only are floor plans the first thing homebuyers seek, more than half make their decisions based on layout. Most of your competitors are online, too — so standing out is essential. As homebuyers search the web, MediaLab's Interactive Floor Plans will capture and rivet their attention. Give your homebuyers 3D exterior images and virtual interior tours to explore as they navigate through the floor plan and all of its available options. Guide them through a fully-furnished 3D tour with a 360-degree view of the room itself — even before the home has been built. Homebuyers love the convenience of this instantaneous and engaging information.

In the sales office

Our clients see homebuyers quadruple the time they spend viewing our Interactive Floor Plans versus their traditional static plans. MediaLab's Interactive Floor Plans are your most effective marketing tool because they offer an actual demonstration of all your available options. Even more convenient, MediaLab’s Interactive Floor Plans are a breeze to use on your iPad and other tablet and touchscreen technologies, so you can take your sales office with you anywhere you go. Give homebuyers more of a reason to stick around by providing everything they need to feel excited — and confident that they must choose you to realize their home-buying dreams.