Product Photo Integration

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Change the product. Keep the photo.

Need to update or replace product lines in existing set photography? Forget costly re-shoots and continuity issues by choosing MediaLab's Photo Integration with 3D Product Images. Our designers work directly from your engineering files, so the results are realistic, seamless and completely accurate. Perfect for packaging, in-store displays, catalogs and more.

Simplify "Before" and "After" comparisons

Want to show your product's impact on a room, space or environment before it's even available? You can – using MediaLab's Photo Integration with 3D Product Images. Perfect for showing product upgrades, home improvements, modifications and more.

Discover the MediaLab Difference

MediaLab is the leading innovator in 3D product imaging and animation. Serving over 60 global consumer product organizations, we help communicate complex product details in a consumer-friendly, cost-effective manner every day.

Have a product launch coming up? Let our team help you showcase your product more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively!