Virtual Tours: Commercial

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Bring your designs to life 

Move beyond the standard static display and "wow” them with a 3D animated tour that travels inside, outside or through your proposed design. We'll even customize your tour to include strategically placed lifestyle elements such as people, cars and landscaping. Over the years, MediaLab has built animated tours for everything from military bases and hospitals to office buildings and bridges. And, because we work directly from your CAD files, our team creates standout virtual tours and flythroughs that are 100% accurate to what you've designed. 

Ready when you are

We know turnaround time is always a priority — especially with proposals and presentations. Our team is committed to meeting aggressive deadlines every day. Best of all, we ensure your presentation is available in Flash or HTML5 — so you can present your virtual tour on the web, an iPad, mobile device or touchscreen. 

Value beyond the presentation

Get more mileage out of your tour. After your presentation, we can adapt your virtual tour for use in a variety of marketing channels like websites, lobby displays and other presentations.

Client presentations have changed. Have you? Discover the MediaLab difference.