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Bruce VanWingerden, President & CEO

Boater, Family Guy, Resident Genius, Leader

As a MediaLab Founding Partner and thought leader for more than 20 years, when Bruce VanWingerden stepped into the President & CEO shoes it was a natural progression.

This former MediaLab COO was there when MediaLab opened its doors more than 20 years ago and has been a vital part of the company ever since. Stepping into the President & CEO role was a logical, instinctive choice. Bruce is known for blending client service and technical skills with his business expertise to create innovative, “make-sense” solutions.

Always looking ahead to stay ahead, Bruce is dedicated to executing winning action plans and implementing new concepts to build on MediaLab’s successes. “I always see exciting opportunities to help our clients get to that next level,” Bruce said.

While he's an engineer, he's not just stuck in that world. He blends technical knowledge with business perspective for practical innovation and progressive solutions. As the company's CEO, he's all about productivity — but brings a deadpan sense of humor and light-heartedness to his role. He jokes, "My best day? Tomorrow."

Creative, next-level inspiration doesn’t just come from the office. Bruce applies lessons from his hobbies to his role and managing the company. He describes boating and management the same way: it's about teamwork and trustworthy leadership at the helm.

Bruce is also a musician who plays the guitar, the bass and "a mean kazoo." The inspiration he gets from his creative outlet keeps his mind open and ready for new ideas and concepts.

How Bruce complements the executive leadership team: He's the solver. Bruce makes it happen. "How do we do it? And if we've already done it, how do we do it better?"

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Dave Yee, Chief Financial Officer

Critical Thinker, Sports Fanatic

Dave oversees the company’s finances, human resources and long-term operations. He's a creative problem solver with degrees in Economics/Management and Visual Arts. Dave's analytical and creative sides come together to yield practicality and a necessary critical eye that keeps the company's goals within reach.

Dave loves competitive sports of all kinds from hockey to table tennis. So it's no surprise that he does his best work under pressure and thrives on team wins. As the company's CFO, he's definitely focused on the bottom line for MediaLab and its clients. Though he jokingly describes the ideal work day as "the day we make the most money," he's also focused on the financial success of MediaLab's clients. When asked the first words that come to mind at the mention of 3D animation, Dave says, "ROI and profitability."

How Dave complements the executive leadership team: He's the practical one. "How do we make it sell?"

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Jennifer McComas, Vice PresidentClient Services & Production Operations

Triathlete, Powerhouse, Speed Reader, Improvement Machine

Jen’s job is people. As the VP of Client Services, she’s responsible for corporate relationships. And, overseeing the Account Management team, she ensures those relationships are well maintained. As the VP of Production Operations, she also oversees the Production and Instructional Design teams—rounding off a staff of 4 Managers and over 80 3D artists, designers and account managers. With the majority of the company's employees under her leadership, Jen remains necessarily involved in Human Resources and corporate culture initiatives including awards and recognition, community service and the company’s new health and fitness initiative. She says, “At the end of the day, what makes me happy is seeing my employees happy.”

Fueling Jen's awesomeness is her athlete’s will and emphasis on continual betterment. She believes in striving for one’s best and knows how to push for improvement—be it in running, swimming, and cycling or in people, processes and design. When asked which project she’s most proud of she admitted, "Right now, it's actually the design of our new office space," which opened in April of 2014 and won Tampa Bay Business Journal's Coolest Office Spaces award the following month. “I love this project because it doesn’t just represent a new environment but also how MediaLab is getting bigger and better at what we do.”

She's also an art advocate whose favorite medium is encaustic painting, a technique that blends beeswax and colored pigments. "With the wax, you can blend colors better and sometimes achieve effects you never expected. And, if you want to change something, you can reheat the canvas and reshape the "paint." It's similar to what I love about 3D. As an artistic "medium" of sorts, it's easily changed and evolved. And, as technology changes minute-by-minute, we continue to learn and innovate. There’s a sense of seeing the future and of endless possibilities.”

How Jen complements the executive leadership team: She’s the oiler. MediaLab’s production is a well-oiled machine and Jen is the one holding the oil can.

Michael Lozicki, Founding Partner

Remembering Our Visionary Dare Devil, Harley Rider & Wind Chaser

MediaLab lost President & CEO Mike Lozicki when he passed away on April 2, 2015. As a Founding Partner, Mike set the course and direction for the company. With a degree in both Marketing and Finance, he was part CEO, part CMO and part "missionary salesman" — educating clients on often new and innovative products.

Mike always kept a birds-eye view on market trends and an ants eye view on client relationships. When asked why people choose MediaLab, he always said: "They enjoy working with us because they trust that we're looking out for them. We're always pushing the envelope and looking for new, better, innovative ways to solve clients' problems. We truly try to build a relationship and work hard to gain their trust. And we execute better than anyone else."

Mike was someone who enjoyed out-of-the-box thinking and he was never afraid to take risks or venture into new territories — whether it was kiteboarding, dirt biking, water skiing or new business markets and products. "With kiteboarding, I'm always looking for the perfect wind. It's similar to what I do here: look for those perfect opportunities to propel us and our clients forward."

Learn more about Mike and the legacy he left at MediaLab.