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Putting the power of 3D animation and interactive solutions to work for your company requires finding a partner who not only brings expertise but a consultative approach to the relationship. Because MediaLab works as a partner and consultant with its clients, organizations ranging from Whirlpool and Kenmore to Black & Decker collaborate with MediaLab as a seamless extension of their own marketing departments.

Partnering with MediaLab offers you a number of unique advantages:

Over 20 years of experience

More than 20 years of experience with a variety of customers, products, media formats and communication methods has given MediaLab command of the expertise, processes and technologies needed to help you achieve competitive advantage.

That's not all. MediaLab isn't only experienced in the creation of digital assets — they'll also help you integrate these assets into your website, where it counts.

Consultative approach

Venturing into the highly specialized world of 3D animation and interactive technology requires working with a partner who's more than a mere order-taker.

MediaLab goes beyond the role of provider, serving as a true business and marketing consultant to its clients. The company has the insight, experience and processes necessary to guide you every step of the way — identifying potential hurdles ahead of time and proactively finding solutions before they derail your project.

Seamless collaboration

Creating digital assets for a client often requires an ability to "speak the language" of personnel inside numerous corporate departments. These stakeholders may have vastly different priorities and goals for a single project.

MediaLab’s consultants understand these diverse cultures. They know how to navigate the complex corporate halls to keep your project moving along — on time and on budget.

Multiplatform delivery

Your 3D animation or interactive content shouldn't just "sit on a shelf." It needs to be everywhere — on the web, smartphones, tablets and touchscreens, accessible through QR codes, MS tags, even Near Field Communications (NFC).

From HTML5 to iPads and smartphones — MediaLab understands how to maximize your investment across the latest devices, technologies, and mobile channels.

Software savvy

Expertise in CAD design and web coding is critical to transforming your products into flexible 3D images, objects and animations — in multiple formats.

MediaLab is AutoCad®-certified and one of fewer than 10 certified Autodesk® Revit® specialists in the country. These and other software certifications assure that your product images will meet guaranteed levels of quality.

The design team is expert in Autodesk 3DS Max, creating stunning 3D images and animations in the .3DS format.

Well-versed in CREO Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), the MediaLab design team works from your native engineering files to create accurate 3D images and animations. Their familiarity with Pro-E, Solidworks and other engineering files ensures strict product accuracy and consistency — for superior branding.

Leaders in opportunity management

The MediaLab team creates every new digital asset with "future-proofing" in mind — taking into consideration all its potential uses and the emergence of new, cutting-edge delivery technologies. The goal? Make the most of your engineering files and take your digital assets further.

Solid design, animation, writing and production skills

The ability to produce and maintain accurate, high-quality images across variations in websites and other deliverables is key to successful branding.

MediaLab guarantees highest-quality results. From accurate and consistent imaging to final production, the company has the talent and resources needed to complete your project, meet your time-to-market window — and achieve spectacular outcomes.

State-of-the-art visualization and rendering capabilities

Producing world-class 3D animation calls for a significant investment in visualization and rendering tools, state-of-the-art rendering farm hardware and infrastructure.

MediaLab's experienced staff of 3D designers are powered with leading-edge visualization and rendering tools. No project too big: The company's robust rendering farm supports production of highly realistic, complex high-res images while meeting demanding production deadlines.

Advanced project management technologies

Critical to ensuring that your project stays on track is the ability to maintain a smooth exchange of information throughout the production process. To ensure successful workflow management, the ideal partner should be highly process-oriented — and willing to invest in robust project management software.

MediaLab uses a state-of-the-art enterprise project management system, Realtime Project Management, to keep your project on time/budget while delivering unparalleled project transparency.

Innovation that engages and informs

Traditional agencies often tend to favor the "wow" factor over helpfulness when producing content. This "overly art-directed" approach may grab initial attention but typically fails to produce a result that's truly helpful to the prospect.

MediaLab’s innovation is driven by its knowledge of emerging technologies and continuous study of industry and consumer insights. From digital asset creations to interactive solutions, MediaLab maintains a keen focus on practicality and utility — embracing innovation that informs, educates and advances the prospect.