With our easy-to-use AR Viewer, your customers can interact with your product in their space in an approachable and engaging way. With the use of QR codes, any piece of content can be enhanced with this immersive experience by simply scanning the code with the camera on their mobile device.

Market Testing

Your business has a product that is still in the design phase, with a 3D model, but you want your customers to see the item in context before you decide to manufacture a physical version. Investing in AR solves this problem for you by allowing you to test whether or not your customer base has a need for your product. 

Not only will AR validate the demand for your product before you waste money on production costs, other solutions like product renderings in your customers environment will give them context to how your product fits in their life. 

3D Display Advertising

If your company has a physical product but doesn’t have physical stores in your target area, AR bridges that gap. Making your products easily accessible and increasing your customers’ buyer’s confidence because they have realistic concepts of what to expect when they see your product in AR. 

Competitive Edge

If you’ve seen your competitors with AR models on their product pages, that’s a sign for you to start integrating AR viewers on your pages as well. Customers love to try before they buy and will likely keep your products top of mind because they’re interactive. Don’t fall behind your competitors by missing the mark with customer engagement. 

Start by looking at the variety of options you have with our AR tools, product renderings and pano tours.

AR Placement

If your company has a physical product that is crucial for customers to view the size or color in person before buying, AR will prove extremely useful. You can also have options to configure your product so your customers can customize it to their liking, see everything in detail about the item, and finally place it in their space to understand the dimensions of what they’re purchasing. 

Distribution Standards

Interested in selling your products on a distributors site and you want to stand out? We take care of everything on the backend so your products are ready to send directly to your distributor’s site in stunning high quality. We make it convenient for you to create a valuable experience for your customers and give your products the competitive edge they need to secure sales.

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