17 May 2019


May 17, 2019

3D Interior Renderings are one of our favorite products to talk about. They’re the perfect example of how CGI can help sell homes.

The Benefits Of
3D Interior Renderings



These photorealistic renderings have so many advantages (especially for our homebuilder clients) that we just had to tell you more.

Over 90% of buyers are looking at homes online before they visit the property. 90%. That’s a lot of people coming to your site before they even step foot into a community or model home. That’s why it’s essential to capture their attention early on.

The best way to do that is with eye-catching, realistic imagery and video. With the amount of content available for your buyers today, you have to catch their attention immediately, and most importantly, keep it.

Interior Renderings are perfect for the initial stages of the customer journey.

In order to lead them further and further down their customer journey, (ultimately leading them to a buying decision) you need a variety of engaging content. Interior Renderings are perfect for the initial stages of the customer journey. Grab their attention with beautiful imagery and then keep them engaged with interactive content. That’s the name of the game.

Time for a little Q & A

The same questions seem to pop up when we mention Interior Renderings and all of their benefits. Let’s just answer those now…

Are Interior Renderings worth the cost?

Yes… and we’ll tell you why! Let’s first consider the cost of a model home. Then, consider the cost to professionally stage and photograph that space. That added up really quickly, right?

Interior Renderings can take the place of both of those costs. They’re efficient and cost-effective. Renderings are usually considerably cheaper than photography and building out/furnishing models. Additionally, renderings have a much longer life span.

Why should I use 3D Interior Renderings when I can just take photos?

Photography can leave you with some beautiful imagery. We get that! What happens, though, when specs change or you want to appeal to different audiences with different styles?

Editing a rendering is quicker and cheaper than designing, redecorating, and reshooting an entire room. If you change specs, which happens often in the builder world, we can quickly edit your rendering instead of having to stage the model again and pay for another shoot.

We can also provide multiple images for the same spaces that appeal to buyers with all different types of styles. This can really help if you have the same model in different communities. Some areas may have different styles than others, and we can represent that.

I have Exterior Renderings and Interactive Floor Plans. Why do I need Interior Renderings too?

Most homebuyers have expressed that they have trouble seeing spaces come to life just by looking at a floor plan. These renderings are an inexpensive and convenient way to allow buyers to truly visualize themselves inside your homes.

You’ll also get presell capabilities even before you break ground. If you plan on preselling, how will you show buyers the interior? Most buyers won’t make a purchase without seeing the interior of the home. Interior Renderings provide you with a selling visual.


New Legacy Homes is a local client of ours that took advantage of these renderings. By working with us, they no longer had to wait for a home to be completed, professionally staged and then photographed for their audience to fall in love with the designs.

Our team of interior designers is dedicated to providing quality Interior Renderings that bring your desired aesthetic and styles to the next level. You’ve seen some examples in this post, but we’d like to show you more proof on the benefits of 3D Interior Renderings.

We did a portfolio feature on New Legacy Homes to show others that they saved time and money by switching to Interior Renderings from traditional photography. They would have spent about three times as much to do things the way they used to. They also would have needed about twice as much time to sell their homes. Those are some pretty powerful stats if you ask us.

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