30 Apr 2019
Camera Angle Main Image


Apr 30, 2019

When some people think about CGI, they may think it’s as easy as clicking a few magic buttons. Although we agree that our artists have special powers, it’s not in that way.

Camera Angle Main Image

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When some people think about CGI, they may think it’s as easy as clicking a few magic buttons. Although we agree that our artists have special powers, it’s not in that way.

It takes a skilled and knowledgeable artist to craft beautiful CGI. Their expertise starts with basics like camera angles, composition, and lighting. If you’re thinking that these remind you of the standard photography basics, you’re right! We need to mimic these same principles to make great shots. In the first of our CGI FAQs series, we’re going to break down camera angles for you…

Camera Angle Body Image


Camera angles are one of the first things we talk about when kicking off a project (especially if that project involves Interior Renderings or Environments). It’s important to start off by considering how much of your space you need to show. Do you only need to show the accent chair in the corner? Or, do you think you’ll need to give your audience more context?

Why do we ask? Well, it’s pretty straightforward: the amount of work that goes into these renderings depends on how much you want to show. If you want to just show the accent chair in the corner, we won’t put props in or add the finishing touches to the areas you don’t see. That would be a waste of your budget and nobody wants that!

You’ll also have to consider how close up the shot needs to be. If we don’t get close up to certain areas or props, they won’t be given as much TLC. But if we do… then you bet we’re going to spend some extra time making those areas b-e-a-utiful.

Determining these angles and reviewing them early on in the process is key to a successful project. When we’re on the same page about these things, projects are delivered on time and as expected. Who doesn’t love that? Now let’s consider some of the options. Keep in mind, though, that these are just the very basics for getting started and deciding on camera angles.



If you choose this 90° option, we’ll use one camera and ensure anything it shows is top notch. Take a look at the imagery below. You see that triangle area? That’s everything that will be ready for your audience.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS: This is our most cost-effective option. Since we’ll only focus on what’s shown from this angle, this is a great option for one-off projects or closer up shots that just need a little context.

CONSIDER THIS: If you’d like to move the camera slightly left or right, we’ ll have to do some additional work to add the finishing touches.

CGI Camera 1
Camera 1 Render


This is going to give you a lot more context. We can place multiple cameras in the scene that show your space from various angles.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS: More of the space is modeled and staged. You’ll have more wiggle room when moving cameras or requesting alternate shots.

CONSIDER THIS: You still won’t get the complete picture with this option. You’ll be less restricted when moving cameras, but there will still be areas of the room that won’t be completely built out and ready to go.

CGI Camera 2
Camera 2 Render


If you want the most flexibility, this is your best bet. The entire space is modeled, staged, and the textures will all be done. The only thing that will need to be adjusted per shot are things like lighting and exposure.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS: 360° gives you a lot more options for camera placement. You’ll also have the possibility to render out numerous angles to show off complete collections. That’s why this option is great for ROI and continuity.

CONSIDER THIS: This will take a little bit more time and will, therefore, cost more up front than the first couple options. It’s important to remember, though, that reusing aspects of this environment could save time and cost in the long run.

CGI Camera 3
Camera 3 Render

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