Consistency is Key | Case Study

It’s the nature of the homebuilding biz to have changes. Our client knew they needed consistency throughout their entire project, from CAD all the way to marketing collateral to execute these anticipated changes accordingly.

“We’d sell a dozen plans before one was built. If we decided to make changes, we’d have to go to all 12 of those buyers and get their approval and sign off, then change marketing collateral and address those things before sales and marketing people got familiar with it.”

Having worked with MediaLab before, Stephen Yerrakdu knew there would be a mutual understanding of production at builder-level speed.

“We never had to wait long for something to look at. Having a one-stop shop long term is a big deal.”

Making the jump from AutoCAD to Revit, MediaLab’s Architectural Services team made the entire process much easier. Our client knew the delivery and coordination with MediaLab would not be there with a different partner.

“From production, to virtual design, to construction documents and coordination of marketing collateral, it was a one-stop shop. It was comforting to know that one team was handling the entire thing. Otherwise, marketing collateral and architectural collateral never seem to align.”

When asked about the most beneficial part of working with the Architectural Services team, they said:

“The virtual reality walkthrough; being able to make changes that way. Being able to see and get into the space and rip walls out and move doors; It’s timelier, cost-effective, and gets right to the bottom line.”

Generally, homebuilders can spend an upward of 2 hours walking through and making changes to an already-built home. Not to mention, more changes meant more time and more money.

“We might’ve spent $100,000 on one home, changing things on the fly. Your profit is going to waste there when you can do something in 30 to 45 minutes in a computer program.”

With a two-month turnaround time, the design and collateral for seven model homes were created and set to be used in multiple communities. By using Virtual Tours to make changes, they were able to give their own team the tools to be efficient and more cost effective.

“We took everything to a new level by bringing MediaLab on. It’s where the future is and those who don’t embrace it will be left behind.”

Well, here’s to the future. We’re lookin’ forward to it!