How May(s) We Help Your Community?  

28 Feb 2018
MediaLab Community Services

How May(s) We Help Your Community?  


MediaLab at Your Service was sparked in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Although our community was spared, we saw the devastation it had in other areas of Florida and Puerto Rico. We knew immediately that we had to pitch in to help however we could.

“A group of us got together and went to a local airport to assist with relief efforts. After all was said and done, we agreed that we wanted to commit to volunteering long-term. I asked the entire company who wanted to be a part of this initiative and the positive feedback was overwhelming and humbling.” – Elysia Pendezec, Creative Services Coordinator and Volunteer Committee Lead


We’d been involved in volunteer events before, but there was still a feeling that something was missing. We pulled together a planning committee and got to work – asking ourselves questions like what organization do we align ourselves with? What are people passionate about here? With over 100 employees, there didn’t seem to be a clear-cut answer to those questions. Varying from rescuing kittens to rebuilding communities, MediaLab is a mecca for people who value different causes.


We needed a cause that was as unique and interesting as our people. After a few planning sessions, we had a breakthrough: why limit ourselves to one thing? So… we came up with MediaLab at Your Service (or MAYS). The goal was simple: at least once a quarter, partner with a local nonprofit and get our people out there doing good. That way we could help a variety of people and organizations while giving our team the opportunity to give back to what they’re personally passionate about.


One breakfast info session (and t-shirt) was all the team needed to get pumped and ready to go. It didn’t take long at all before the sign-up sheets were filling up and we had to add multiple events per quarter. With one event already under our belt, we kicked off 2018 with a theme everyone loves: helping our furry friends. After a successful weekend of service at Big Cat Rescue and Bakas Horses for Handicapped – Area Special Olympics, our army of volunteers had grown two-fold and we knew we really had something great here.


We decided to check in with the team to see why they joined MAYS to begin with. Maybe these quotes will motivate you to get out there and give back too!

“MAYS brings awareness to the local needs in our community and offers MediaLab employees an opportunity to give back.”– Erin Couture, Senior Account Manager

“MAYS is a great way to get involved in our company, meet new people, while also giving back to the community. It’s really a win-win to participate! – Lauren Powell, Business Development Executive

“MediaLab has called Tampa home for almost 20 years, so it’s been a pleasure giving back. The best part about MAYS is that it gives us an opportunity to improve our community in a variety of ways.” – Ryan Hirsch, Client Services Team Trainer