In a competitive market like South Tampa, New Legacy Homes had a goal similar to many other homebuilders: sell their homes faster.

Prior to partnering with MediaLab, they were using watercolor elevations and traditional photography for their marketing material.

“Our architects had done watercolor elevations, a common and acceptable practice, but it’s so archaic compared to what you are able to offer.”


When asked why they made the switch, our contact said:

“I’d have to say the number one reason was the ability to market exactly what we were offering from the beginning without having to complete the home.”

These renderings were completed before the home was even built. The photograph included with the rendering was taken after the home was built.

Pretty spot on, right?

New Legacy was able to sell this home first at framing and then another unit at slab.

Let’s put that into perspective: typically, custom homes take anywhere from 13 weeks to build.

The last couple of years New Legacy has been selling homes 30 – 60 days after they are finished. That means our renderings sped up their sales cycle by 70-90%.

The exterior elevations weren’t the only product that helped their customers buy into their dream home. They had to get a look at the inside, right? Right.

With our interior renderings, New Legacy no longer had to wait for a home to be completed, professionally staged and then photographed for their audience to fall in love with the designs. Not only did they save time, but it would have cost them about three times as much to do things the way they used to.


“The buyers saw the frame and closed two months later. They liked everything in the renderings so much that they made zero changes. I’ve been doing this for twenty years and that never has happened!”


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