Just because it doesn’t move doesn’t mean it can’t be captivating. Our static imagery is not like the rest – every single detail counts and you can count on us to know that. Although textures, materials, composition, camera angles and lighting may seem basic, we can promise the imagery we create with all of these in mind will be anything but.

Product imagery is essential but there can be so many obstacles in your way – your product is still being developed, you can’t get the right shot with standard photography, or the cost for that photography is just astronomical. Letting us craft your breathtaking imagery alleviates all of this without the high cost of a professional photographer. There’s no need for a studio, equipment or waiting for that one time of the day when the lighting is just right. You can also show features impossible to capture otherwise like interior views, cutaways, and more.

Your product doesn’t even need to be manufactured yet. We can create imagery simultaneously so when your product hits the shelves you have the marketing material to hit the streets along with it. With MediaLab’s digital imagery, the beauty is that once a product has been rendered, it can be used again and again in a variety of different environments – photorealistic environments. An entire product line of different colors, textures, finishes and more can be created with a single file.

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Breathing life into your marketing material demands attention. When you put your content in motion you can also quickly get your point across. With dynamic camera movements, voiceover, music and titles our animated solutions allow your audience to get to know your brand and products better than ever before.

Simplify complex ideas or visuals, give step-by-step instructions or simply highlight the features that make you stand out from the competition. No matter the main goal, remember that videos have proven to be some of the most shareable content. This solution gives your idea legs, so you and your audience can take it anywhere you’d like.

Standard live action shoots can get costly fast and you will have limitations on not only what you can create, but where you create it. The possibilities are almost endless with animated content and you can even pull out static imagery from these assets. Want to reuse a prior animation, but just swap out the product? No problem! Previous scenes can be adjusted without having to start from scratch.

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Wait and see? Not with our interactive solutions. Today’s buyers are not only demanding options and customizations, but they expect to see and experience them now – especially before making buying decisions.

Engagement is taken to the next level when you put the control in your consumers’ hands. These solutions allow you to easily share all of your available options. With a click or tap they allow your audience to compare their choices in real-time. Spinning 360 degrees, expanding hot spots, and touring spaces eliminates the guessing game allowing your audience to fully visualize what they need.

Whether it be floor plan options, finishes, or an entire malleable 3D space from the ground up, these allow you to combine a whole lotta information that actually resonates with the users.

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Did you know that we also have dedicated, extremely skilled Development and R&D teams behind these walls? That’s what makes MediaLab so…. MediaLab. Our unique mix of personalities and skillsets is how we make the magic happen – ensuring you have the latest and greatest.

These teams are the backbone behind our solutions and suites. With our clients always top of mind, we’ve crafted off-the-shelf solutions and fully customizable platforms that help you see the big picture, simplify your processes, and strengthen sales.

Our advanced technologies even integrate with your systems to update data automatically – saving you precious time that you could be spending with your consumers. Some are accessible via mobile or in remote locations, some are back-end platforms to make your day-to-day and reporting easier, but all come with us having your back. When others aren’t working during your busiest times, our support teams are here to make things run smoother.

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Everyone is looking for ways to grow their business while also making projects a little easier. Our team has the skills and toolset to do just that! By using a variety of the latest software, we can take your design files in almost any format or even aid you in creating a custom piece.

The MediaLab Printing service team and designers use digital printing technology to give you the quality prints you need, when you need them. These prints are cost-effective for both short-run and high-volume orders — giving you as many or as few as you need, with no waste.


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