Just because it doesn’t move doesn’t mean it can’t be captivating. Our static imagery is not like the rest – every single detail counts and you can count on us to know that. Although textures, materials, composition, camera angles and lighting may seem basic, we can promise the imagery we create with all of these in mind will be anything but.

Product imagery is essential but there can be so many obstacles in your way – your product is still being developed, you can’t get the right shot with standard photography, or the cost for that photography is just astronomical. Letting us craft your breathtaking imagery alleviates all of this without the high cost of a professional photographer. There’s no need for a studio, equipment or waiting for that one time of the day when the lighting is just right. You can also show features impossible to capture otherwise like interior views, cutaways, and more.

Your product doesn’t even need to be manufactured yet. We can create imagery simultaneously so when your product hits the shelves you have the marketing material to hit the streets along with it. With MediaLab’s digital imagery, the beauty is that once a product has been rendered, it can be used again and again in a variety of different environments – photorealistic environments. An entire product line of different colors, textures, finishes and more can be created with a single file.