30 Mar 2021
Sales Coach Tips


Mar 30, 2021
Sales Coach Tips



We had the privilege of teaming up with Kimberly Mackey from New Homes Solutions during our virtual selling webinar. Since we only really scraped the surface of her industry expertise, we had to pick her brain a little more on her current tips for navigating 2021 home sales.



One theme remained constant in our conversations with Kimberly: connecting with people. No matter how you’re involved in a homebuyer’s journey, it’s key to do your best to get to know that buyer and build a relationship with them.

“The first thing that has to happen is you must build rapport. You can’t skip that step. Whether you’re in the virtual world or the real world, you have to connect with your buyers.” – Kimberly Mackey, New Homes Solutions

To build this rapport, Kimberly discussed the importance of leaving out the what of it all. It should be about the who and the why: Who are they? Why are they moving? Those types of questions are key to starting off on the right foot. The “what” should come later in the discovery process.


New Homes Solutions has a great handout to really get to know your buyers and start that relationship. One of the best questions to kick things off? Simply ask where they are from!

This simple question is going to give you so much insight. The first of which is if they are familiar with the local area or not. You also might be able to find some common ground with them based on their answer. Maybe you’ve visited or your favorite sports team is there. It’s a great way to find some shared experiences or interests.

That’s how the process should always start – real conversations. Instead of jumping right into what floor plan or elevation they like best, the entire sales process should start with something that doesn’t even involve your product or money. As Kimberly puts it, “Don’t rush that process.”



Homebuyers come to a particular builder or community in a variety of different ways and stages. Historically, sales and marketing teams have tried to push them all into the funnel the same way. For example: making buyers come to a model home and filling out a registration form no matter where they are at in their journey.

But Kimberly says, you have to be more customer-centric to stay competitive in 2021.


“We have to meet the buyer where they are in this process. Maybe they are not ready to physically come to the community. Marketers can meet that buyer where they are as a way of engaging them further and getting them a little further down the funnel.” 

We also need to give those buyers more than one way to get into the funnel. It will never just be one particular thing or piece of collateral that brings a buyer in. It’s more than that one billboard!

Kimberly also explained to us just how important those calls to action (CTAs) are. Builders need to give potential buyers strong CTAs that really grab their attention and give them a good way to find out more information.

The homebuying process is frustrating enough! Don’t give them a reason to jump over to a competitor’s site. Give them the right tools in person, on your website, and on your social channels to avoid the headache of not finding what they’re looking for or figuring out that next step to learn more.

quick tips

To say Kimberly is a wealth of knowledge is a complete understatement. We have so many more valuable tips from her, we may just turn this into a series. Stay tuned for that! For now, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Spend more time in the virtual world getting to know someone than you would even in the real world.
  • If you’re only connecting with a buyer in the virtual world, don’t just send them back to the website. When you start to have that conversation, take the opportunity go through it with them.
  • Throw the stereotypes out! Millennials, for example, are not just buying what the industry thought they would.
  • Don’t just provide a tool to your buyers or teams – make sure you have explanations on how to use it and someone to help them if needed.
  • If your online sales counselor is being overworked, consider a chatbot.

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