13 Nov 2019


Nov 13, 2019

If you’re at the right trade show, you’re probably surrounded by your competitors. Yikes! While that can seem somewhat daunting, there is a plus side… you’re also surrounded by your target audience and 81% of them most likely have buуіng authority.

Trade shows are a prime example of content overload. While there are many great examples of ways to stand out at a trade show, one thing remains the same: you have to have the right imagery to draw your audience in.

Whether you’re looking to make the best booth they’ve ever seen, or you’re just in need of collateral as you jump from meeting to meeting at the show, you’ve got a lot of great options to make sure you get the most out of every trade show you attend.

tier one

high-quality imagery

If you’re on the lookout for some options that won’t take up too much time or budget, these could be just what you need. You don’t have to have a booth to take advantage of any of our options, but this tier is perfect for content on the go. Whether you’re putting on a big show or running around networking, high-quality imagery can help you stand out and speak volumes about your brand.

All of these products have GREAT ROI because you can reuse them like crazy. Use them to promote your presence at the show on social, feature them on print handouts, cover your entire booth with them, and use them for website landing pages to capture leads.

PRODUCT RENDERINGS – Is your audience chomping at the bit to see the latest color in your line or brand-spanking-new feature? Well… let’s show them! Trade shows are the perfect place to do that. In fact, 92% of trade show attendees say their main reason for attending trade shows is to check out new products.


INTERIOR RENDERINGS – Bring your desired aesthetic and styles to life with the help of our interior designers. Place your product in one or multiple rooms to show your audience that it can fit their lifestyle.


PHOTO INTEGRATIONS – Have some photos from last year’s show that need an update? Don’t want to start over? Then let’s chat about how we can integrate 3D products into existing photographs, demonstrate seamless before and after comparisons, and avoid costly re-shoots.


FEATURES & BENEFITS ANIMATIONS – While your product is being manufactured or revamped, we can create a video that showcases anything from competitive advantages to an entire color line. Explain any product, in detail, that hasn’t even been built yet.

tier TWO


If you want to up your wow-factor, you might want to consider interactive experiences at your booth. People love to get their hands on some cool tech and what better way for them to remember your brand?

In addition to using them at the show, these are also perfect additions to follow-up emails. By including these in your post-show communication, you’ll reinforce your branding and help drive traffic to your site. Who doesn’t love that?

PRODUCT SPINNER – Not only do these allow you to show the details, but they engage your audience by letting them take things into their own hands. They can get their eyes on a complete, 360° view of your product. You can also add Hot Spots for increased interactivity to call out features and benefits.


PRODUCT CHANGERS – With a few simple clicks, users can browse all of your options at their own pace and easily compare their choices. Include all of your available colors, textures, and materials – even ones that haven’t been released yet!


CONFIGURATOR – The fact that your product is customizable is really appealing to your buyers. Sometimes explaining all of those options can feel almost impossible. With this interactive tool, they can customize your product in real-time.

tier THREE


Immersive experiences are for those who want to go all-in on their trade show presence. Everyone is talking about AR/VR right now, but so many people haven’t experienced it yet or know how to use it.

Offering these types of experiences will show your audience that you’re tech-savvy and concerned about giving them the best possible experience. Even just displaying the hardware and previews of the experience will draw people in.

Don’t be too concerned about spending a ton of money on equipment, either. We have cost-effective ways that your audience can experience next-level technology while also giving them a free takeaway that won’t break your bank. Check out the cardboard goggles we created for USF to see a prime example.

AR APP – Engagement is taken to a new level with our app that allows users to place and customize your product in any space. Set out phones and tablets so users can easily jump in.


360° INTERIOR PANORAMA – Make your viewers feel like they are really standing in, and even walking through, any space that features your product. Along with “stepping into” your space, buyers can select unique Hot Spots with videos, animations, and additional images to enhance the experience.


360° INTERIOR PANORAMA CHANGER – This not only has all of the perks of our regular pano, but it also allows users to customize your products within the space as they navigate through it.

which tier is right
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