31 Jul 2017
Virtual Reality App



While Google and Microsoft have paved the way for virtual reality, Apple promises to have the “largest AR platform in the world” with a new feature in their next version of iOS (11) called ARKit. The new technology will build “markerless augmented reality” into native iOS.

In layman’s terms, this means that third party AR plugins aren’t necessary for iOS anymore. Thanks to the Apple Developer program, we were allowed early beta access to the software. We tested it for ourselves and can confirm that all of the hype is true. IT. IS. AWESOME.


According to our R&D team, ARKit is better than anything on the market with exponentially improved quality and performance for the technical execution of augmented reality (i.e. tracking and visual quality and eliminating the pre-printed AR markers).

Our Sr. Architect of R&D at MediaLab, Steve Chubboy, said:

“The biggest deal here is probably the markerless part of the feature. They have greatly improved existing image scanning and marker detection algorithms and paired it with the phone or tablet’s accelerometer sensors to enhance the stability of the AR feature.  This results in less jittery-ness and total elimination of marker loss events.”

Virtual Reality GIF


This technology will enable our clients to showcase their products in an AR environment – either on their customers’ devices or within stores and kiosks as a branded presentation application. Now a product can be directly placed into the perfect environment: in your living room, outside of the packaging in a store, or even an interactive, 3D how-to video.

It will allow us to produce a far more approachable AR solution platform. Not only that, but if you pair all of these amazing features with our award-winning, photorealistic content – you’re talking about a quality AR experience on another level.

Just think of all the potential uses! You’re really just limited by imagination and creativity.