11 Jun 2021


Jun 11, 2021




While show and tell is still important to any sales and marketing strategy, showing definitely has the upper hand. Think about it this way…

When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. – HubSpot

So, if you want to leave your customers with impactful experiences and something to remember your brand by, you have to paint the picture.


When you offer up not only visuals, but the right experience paired with those visuals, your audience is bound to remember you. We all know you have to stand out somehow in the sales and marketing world to break through the tremendous amount of clutter.

That’s why experience is key, but personalized and customized experiences are what will get your buyers further down the funnel.


If you offer up the opportunity for customers to make your product their own, that means you’ve got some options you need to show off. That’s where interactive tools like Visualizers come in. Visualizers give customers the opportunity to customize, well, pretty much anything!

Change the cabinet color in a kitchen, the faucet in a bathroom, or even the siding on the exterior of a home. Since seeing is actually believing, we’ll show you what we mean…


This type of Visualizer allows any user to customize a space from the ground up by applying different colors and materials to a room. It empowers your audience by allowing them to interactively select packaged or a la carte options – whichever way fits your needs.

Thanks to Interior Visualizers, your customers will no longer have to guess what their kitchen or bathroom will look like once complete. They will be able to view interior options and upgrades first-hand to truly see their future home come together.


With just a few clicks, users can see options to decide on the scheme of their elevation. It’s so much easier to truly envision what they’ll see when they walk in the door every day when they can apply a variety of details like paint color, siding, trim, and more to an Exterior Rendering.

There’s no need to sift through swatches and samples anymore! Comparing schemes happens in seconds and has never been clearer. A great addition to your design gallery, this is also a beneficial product to display on your website so buyers can make decisions on their own time.


Enable your audience to interact with your product and all of its options. Product Changers are very similar to Visualizers so shoppers can browse at their own pace and easily compare their choices.

Include all of your available colors, textures, and materials – even ones that haven’t hit the shelves yet! This is the optimal way to collect all of your assets for a single product in an easy-to-use, engaging platform.


Tools like this allow audiences to view options and upgrades first-hand so they can truly make it their own.

Customization is right up there with the need to provide experiences. Simplify the customization process while letting your customers interact with your products – they won’t forget it.

are you ready to
show vs. tell?


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