25 Sep 2019


Sep 25, 2019

While there are necessary things to identify when it comes to creating a brand identity, like your logo, brand colors, and typography, the quality of product imagery you use echo the quality of your brand.

what high-quality imagery 
says about your brand


We know that more than half of Americans are shopping online, but did you know that nearly 90% of consumers are starting their product searches digitally? That means that it’s likely that a potential customer, partner, or even a competitor of yours will see your product online before they see it in store.

Your online image has to be top-notch to accurately represent who you are. We mean that quite literally, too.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: knowing your brand means more than knowing your name. That’s an important philosophy for organizations and partners alike, but it’s especially important for internal groups to recognize about their own business.

When you know your brand, you know the kind of image you want to portray to your target audiences. From a business perspective, you want your organization to be regarded positively and encourage new and return customers. Here’s where having a top-notch image gets literal….

The imagery you use to market your business is a direct representation of your brand, especially if you’re using that imagery to entice online audiences. While there are necessary things to identify when it comes to creating a brand identity, like your logo, brand colors, and typography, the quality of product imagery you use echo the quality of your brand.


We’ll use our own brand identity as an example. There are a lot of things that make MediaLab MediaLab. Things like great customer service, quick turn times, diverse teams, but most importantly, our high-quality imagery.

We know that when you’re looking for high-quality CGI, MediaLab is the place to go (a shameless self-plug), but we want to make sure that our clients and potential clients know that as well. Not only is our website the easiest way for a potential client to learn about our company, but it’s the perfect opportunity to show our clients what we stand for. So, we brainstormed, overhauled, and upgraded www.medialab3dsolutions.com to the beauty it is today.

With compelling imagery, captivating video, and a striking design, our website shows you what kind of company we are. Literally, you can tell that we’re a visual company considering all the imagery. It’s the quality of the imagery and content that enforces our identity, evokes thrilling emotions, and puts forth the evidence that we take pride in every project that comes through our doors.

USF Case Study


As a consumer, the first thing you notice about a brand is how they present themselves to the public, right? If the first time you meet a brand is online (around 40% of customers find brands via online search engines), their imagery is the first impression they have with you. Doesn’t it make sense for them to put their best foot forward?

High-quality imagery encourages trust, retention, and loyalty with customers. The more effort you put into your product imagery, the more trustworthy and credible your business seems.

Lackluster photos negatively affect new customer shopping experiences with you because, chances are, their first interaction with it will be online. They also show your current clients that you’re satisfied with your current state of business; consistently low-quality imagery shows a lack of willingness to upgrade your standards.

So, how will you hold yourself accountable to your client’s standards?

When it comes to your competitors, your high-quality imagery will set you apart from the rest by encouraging positive feelings within the customer making the decision. When consumers are making a purchase, they tend to compare products from different organizations. If the products, prices, and descriptions are relatively similar, your high-quality imagery has the upper hand in starting a new client relationship.


At the end of the day, we know the goal is positive ROI. But remember the domino effect created by using high-quality imagery; great product photos lead to positive customer feelings and better brand representation, which lead to buying decisions and customer retention, and thus, brand loyalty.



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