27 Oct 2020


Oct 27, 2020

DIY is all the rage, and when it comes to CGI, doing it yourself seems like it would be the fastest, cheapest, and easiest option instead of partnering with an expert. Here’s why that’s probably a bad idea.




Whether you have a physical product, a prototype, or simply an idea, deciding on the best process to promote it is a little more than half the battle. Photography is time-consuming and can be expensive if things go even a little off track. So, you decide to use CGI and you want to do it yourself because how hard can it really be?

Our artists use a variety of resources and references to ensure a perfect depiction. The size, the materials and textures, and sometimes even witness photography assist our team in creating imagery that’s so real, you won’t believe it’s not a photograph.

With that said, a trained CGI expert can pinpoint even the smallest mistakes that make a huge difference in the final 3D image. It’s apparent when an image is wonky because of floating objects, but things like perspective distortion, texture mistakes, lighting inaccuracy, and more can turn your best DIY CGI into a mess. And these mistakes are often overlooked by those new to CGI.

  • Perspective distortion makes objects look bent and twisted. It’s a classic rookie mistake that can be easily made by someone who isn’t experienced with CGI technology.
  • Texture can make or break your 3D image. Blurry and unrecognizable details are a sure sign of a failed image. Your audience won’t recognize the material – which can lead to a “false advertisement” situation – and may even have trouble recognizing the object itself.
  • Unnatural lighting effects, including excessive and inadequate usage, can spoil an image. An artist determines where the source of light is coming from and ensures the brightness is accurate.

While it may seem like a “good enough” image to you, your potential customers are aware that you’re not using realistic imagery. When you use high-quality CGI, you’re getting more than a hyper-realistic image though;

  • You’re getting to market quicker than you would if you didn’t have a product to photograph.
  • You’re able to show off your options by revealing the breadth and depth of your full product line in a much quicker and more cost-effective manner than photography.
  • You’re also getting access to an abundance of collateral that provides the baseline for interactive solutions, AR, VR, and WebGL. Tools and solutions like these enhance the shopping experiences for your customers, offering them a unique opportunity to build a relationship with you and your brand.


Face it; Product image quality is important, be it a photograph, printed collateral, or a digital 3D rendering. Think of those images you see on e-tailer websites like Amazon and how poorly photoshopped some of them are (you know the ones!). No matter how good the product is, a buyer can be turned off solely by the quality of imagery used by the seller.

We know you don’t want to be that seller.

Especially now, with the number of online shoppers skyrocketing, your digital presence is one of, if not the most, important aspects of your business. If the first time a new customer sees your brand is online, that’s their first impression and it can make or break their interest in your products.

On top of brand representation and audience appeal, your overall competition in the industry gets a leg-up when you take advantage of CGI. Not only are your expert partners (like us!) creating exceptional 3D renderings to showcase your products, we’re offering a leap in the advancement of digital experiences that start with 3D models. Think big things like interactive content, virtual experiences, and configuration tools.



A team of expert CGI artists on your side also doesn’t just mean there’s an artist to create an image based on loose references. It means a whole team of managers, artists, and quality assurance specialists to tighten up loose ends, meet critical deadlines, and ensure consistency through every project.

Partnering with CGI experts like us is more than just receiving assets with a quick turnaround time. We’re focused on ensuring your project from start to finish is thorough, well-done, and up to your standards. We’re not here to hand over basic 3D imagery. We consult, manage, assess, communicate, and comprehend every last detail of what your needs are to ensure an ROI for you.

We’re your partner. And as your partner, your success is our success. We’re not just an expert in CGI, we’re an expert in your brand, your projects, your products, and your strategies. High-quality imagery is just a bonus!




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