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is a digital content creation house, providing leading-edge imaging solutions to the architectural design & consumer products industries.

Based in Tampa, Florida, we’ve matched the latest technologies with some of the most creative minds in the business.

The digital ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and so are we. Powered by our in-house Innovation Lab, we’re challenging the limits of what’s possible and pushing our clients’ brands to new levels.

From photorealistic renderings to interactive marketing solutions, MediaLab’s unique mix of developers, artists, and business strategists are united in our passion for creating engaging experiences.


While we pride ourselves on our ability to solve even the toughest challenges, we do not take ourselves too seriously.

Take a tour of our offices and you’ll likely find our teams engaged in an intense game of foosball, or dodge a nerf dart as you walk through our Lichtenstein-inspired breakroom.

Our offices are filled with creative and collaborative huddle spaces to inspire out-of-the-box ideas.

We brew the best coffee from a local shop, sample the latest food trucks, and give our brains a welcomed break with lunchtime yoga sessions.


Chief Financial Officer

Dave Yee

President & CEO

Bruce VanWingerden

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer McComas

Chief Revenue Officer

Craig Monahan


“Think Outside the Box”

The Creativity Award


Joe is the perfect example of the creative solution provider in us all. He’s the one who imagines what’s possible and thinks about the best way to get the job done, each and every day. He’s also able to creatively accomplish objectives through individuality, initiative, and professionalism.

“All for One, One for All”

Collaboration Award


Ashley is the teammate we all love to work with. She’s responsive, resourceful and focused on the objective at hand. There is no “I” in team, and she leaves no team member behind. Problem-solving is second nature, and Ashley is ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. To her, success is defined by everyone reaching the finish line as a team and working smarter, together, to achieve common goals.

“Game Changer”

Innovation Award


Justin implements change for the better. He’s known for questioning what’s possible, improving the status quo for all stakeholders. His vision for a better MediaLab experience comes to life through imagination and action. Justin is invested in the “next thing” and driven to make it a reality.

“Above and Beyond”

Customer Service Award


Erin is what we like to call the ‘Client Whisperer’. She embodies the client experience at MediaLab – delivers the solution, despite all obstacles, both internally and externally. She ensures we deliver, on time and as promised. Erin calms the storm and enables the client to maintain their confidence in us as a true solution partner, not just another third-party provider.


Positive Impact Award


Joe’s attitude is upbeat, contagious and never fails to draw you in. He starts the day with a “Good Morning”, or “How was your weekend?” and truly sees his teammates. He embodies the culture at MediaLab – sincerely caring and wanting the team to succeed. Joe reaches out, going the extra mile to make sure relationships within his team are productive. He is engaged and his positivity radiates outward, like a ripple effect.

“The Big Picture”

Business Success Award


Danny is a prime example of someone who positively represents our business and is successful in both internal and external relationships. He keeps accountability and profitability in mind, sharing best practices with others and elevating his team. Danny gives 100% every day, overcoming obstacles and always looking for opportunities to exceed expectations. He is a leader and consistent contributor who keeps an ear to the ground and his eyes on the prize.


Although the digital landscape is in a constant state of change, one thing remains the same: our focus on our clients. We take great pride in the long-standing partnerships that we have – some over 20 years strong.

We have one source of contact and that person is doing a fantastic job of keeping our projects on track, on budget, and completed on or before the expected due dates.

The Ashton Woods Atlanta Team

Customer service is a big deal and they do a great job with that. We love our new Hyper Real Renderings. Thanks!

The Team at Stevens Fine Homes

New in my role, MediaLab has been quick to answer questions and provide introductory meeting, pricing, and answers to questions.

The Beazer Orlando Team

The renderings and animations are top quality and beautiful. Customer service is available, quick to respond, accurate, and friendly.

The Gardner Denver Team

These renderings and animations are perfect and we can’t wait to use them on the site. Thank you guys so much for being so prompt and professional – we love working with you.

The Clickback Phone Case Team

Our Account Manager has been a true partner in getting our elevation renderings, floor plans and brochures across the finish line.  She’s very personable as well as professional and patient.  I cannot imagine working with anyone else.

The Team At MI Columbus

Great theme with a lot of customization possible. Customer service is fast, nice, and very competent. Thank you for this great product.

Leah H. at Industrials Group