Sometimes the hardest part about purchasing that new couch or WFH desk is that small feeling of uncertainty 一 Is it going to fit just right? Will it throw off my color scheme? How big is this thing really? If you’re anything like me, dimensions in the product description just don’t cut it (and I’m not about to break out my tape measurer).

When I’m unsure about any purchase, it sucks all the fun out of my experience. Our AR viewer is the perfect tool to make your customers’ buying experience enjoyable.

What is AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is where the real world and computer generated graphics mesh.

Augmented Reality


real world


computer generated content

interactive experience for YOUR clients

AR bridges the gap between your product sales and stellar customer engagement. Boosting customer interaction in an approachable and engaging way is easy when our AR viewer puts your products virtually in your customers space with realistic taste.

You’re only a scan away from making your client’s day!

Standing out from the competition with our immersive AR experience is one of the easiest ways to enhance any piece of content. QR codes are super convenient especially since our AR viewer is enabled automatically across multiple platforms:

  • Easy to embed directly within your existing PDP (Product Details Page).

    Adds engaging interactivity to your customers’ online experience.

  • Add the QR code to paper media using similar ad space.

    Making your paper media digitally interactive.

    Inform clients prior to shopping in store.

  • QR codes will add richer content to email marketing campaigns.

    Incentivize your customers to share your emails with others.

Have your customers simply scan the QR code with their camera phone (works with Androids and iOS) and you’ve just made your products super accessible in any space. Not to mention convenient to purchase. Studies have shown AR improves buyer’s confidence and lowers buyer’s remorse.

Key Features


AR Product Viewer pages are designed to be embedded within product details pages and are fully responsive. Embed the AR Product Viewer page into your site, and boom – your customers can see your product in AR.


Every AR Product Viewer Page comes with a QR code on the page and the ability to download, making it easy to share to a mobile device or embed a link in an email.


Match your brand, product, and page with a fully customizable theme.

Why MediaLab?

With us the solution is simple:

Seamless process + high quality models = amazing customer buying experience

  • Our AR viewer installation is a hassle-free experience that gets your models directly to AR and running quickly.
  • Our high quality models follow industry standards and can be used in other eCommerce sites like Lowes or Amazon.
  • Bring your own model, or we can build one for you. Our team of 3D experts can create anything you need. You give us product details/reference imagery, and we give you a remarkable 3D model of your product to enhance your customer’s buying experience.
  • Once your models are built, you aren’t locked into our platform, you can download them to use anywhere you’d like.

So when we ask “Do you even AR?” To be honest, it’s a no brainer. This is the next big thing, plus it’s great for catching attention because it’s just plain cool. Check out our AR viewer for yourself and see how you can enhance your product marketing today.

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