Creating realistic CGI animations that stand out.

It’s always incredible to watch a piece of content transform. We get to see it every day by working hand-in-hand with artists who craft this incredible imagery.

Let’s take a dive into the creative process and artistry with VFX Supervisor, Curtis Swihart.

It goes a little something like this:


Scope (clarify the vision)

Creative Process

Collaborations w/Interior Designers
(material references and mood boards)

Model Texture Lighting (3D Environment)

Post Production (compositing, color grading)

Whether it’s starting from scratch and seeing an image transform from working file, to greyscale, to final render or seeing a photograph transform by integrating 3D into it, we thought you all might like a behind the scenes look at some of this magic too.

Check out how lines and shapes can transform into something so realistic.

As you’re taking a look, consider where these projects started. With just a few references, our team can take your collateral to the next level. “To sum it up, what we do is really become a virtual camera,” Curtis explained. “It’s the little details in images that make something look fake or realistic.” The end results are always stunningly realistic and beautiful.

Being able to visualize trends and bring concepts to life while incorporating realism is no easy feat. It’s a meticulous task that Curtis specializes in and thoroughly enjoys. He knows that clients pay MediaLab to mimic photography and that it takes a lot of experience to know what the tools do to get the result you want.

“The focus we wanted to share with clients is that we can do all sorts of out-of-the-box thinking and designing to bring concepts to life.”

High quality work is a given when you work with passionate artists who love what they do. Check out more of our work and see if you can spot whether it’s a real photo or animation. Hint: They’re all CGI Animations.

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