Augmented Reality seems to be on the radar for a lot of brands these days.

It’s one of those trending topics that keeps coming up in strategy meetings and there’s definitely more than one reason why.

3, 2, 1… LAUNCH!

One of the biggest benefits of Augmented Reality is how approachable it really can be. Launching a game-changing and engaging experience happens in seconds!

Our AR Viewer, for example, launches by quickly scanning QR codes on a mobile device. These codes can be added to so many different pieces of content. Here’s just a few examples of places you can add an immersive experience…



There’s a lot of clutter online that makes it difficult to stand out from your competition. While comparing products, customers are looking at similar verbiage and images trying to determine which brand is right for them. Everyone has a page that details what their product is all about, but is it really engaging enough to make an impact?

Online experiences with Augmented Reality truly set brands apart. Our AR Viewer can be simply added to your product detail pages to provide an interactive experience unlike the rest. It gives customers the ability to place your product in their current space to see if it’s the right fit.

When we say the right fit, we really mean it too. Getting a look at your product in their space from all angles allows them to see if it’s the right size, color, and aesthetic to fit their design. Check, check, check!



Just because the ink is dry doesn’t mean the experience your printed materials offer has to end there. Any piece of printed collateral should have a great Call to Action (CTA), and what’s a better CTA than giving them an intriguing interactive solution?

Nothing really even has to change on your end when this collateral is created. Digital interactivity can be added to this paper media by adding that QR code.

This not only benefits those holding your printed collateral, but also you! They get to see your product in their space – giving you a competitive edge over your competition and more informed customers when they contact you to learn more or show up in stores.



Just like the world wide web, everyone’s inbox is also full of clutter. The last thing you want to do is add one more promotional email in the mix that doesn’t get opened or considered.

Adding rich content like an AR experience to your marketing campaigns can be just the incentive you need to get those clicks and conversions. Solutions like this also make your content shareable. Interactive technology delivered right to your target audience’s inboxes is a great incentive for them to share it with others who may be interested.

Like we said, these are just a few ways to add our AR Viewer into your strategies.

See what else Augmented Reality could do for you and a few examples…

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