Warm living room trends with a touch of modern inspiration.

It’s a new year and a fresh start, what better way to jump into January than with a little interior remodeling? Home is where the heart is and design is what we do best. After a hectic holiday season of hosting family our homes can take quite a punch. So we’re bringing you homey ways to transition into the new year with this living room inspiration.

Did we mention this photo was created entirely with CGI? Our talented interior designer, Biba Amoudi, rendered every detail of this living room. Using color and pattern to add playfulness and creativity to the space, she created a cozy living room with a touch of modern luxury. Starting with a blank slate, like most of us like to do this time of year, is pretty much how every concept begins.

From the lighting outside the patio window to the decorative pillows and rugs, everything in this photo is computer-generated. Down to the fixtures on the sink faucet and the kitchen backsplash. Realistic right? If you can envision yourself on the couch with a hot cup of coffee overlooking the backyard and the sun rays, then we’ve done our job.

Rich green tones help establish a deep sense of renewal. The cabinetry compliments the hints of green in the living room, tying the two spaces together in a simple way. The subtleties in the throw pillows or decor can add that pop of color and comfort your space may need. One of the perks about CGI is that you can virtually try anything you want.

These warm winter trends and earthy tones will be sure to inspire life into your home, giving you the energy to kick your year off strong.

Maybe you’re looking for a new couch to curl up on for the new year? Or an accent chair? Want to see how those new drapes fit into your color scheme? If you’re someone who’s challenged to truly visualize how new elements will fit into your space, there’s a solution for that with our AR viewer. Give it a try!

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