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What’s Inside

We never judge a book by its cover and your audience shouldn’t have to either. Getting a look around, under, over, and inside your product could make all the difference – especially if you’re trying to boast about the quality or updated technology that sets you apart.

Nobody understands this better than our friends at Gardner Denver. We’ve been breaking the barriers of traditional photography with them for years. Our team has worked with them on a variety of Product Renderings, Cutaways, Spinners, Animations and more. All of these products have allowed them to show every last detail.

Our Artists Can
Complete the Picture

Gardner Denver is a global manufacturer of compressors, pumps, blowers and other engineered solutions. That means their products can have a lot of pieces and parts. When we create imagery for them, it’s essential that we represent those pieces and parts accurately. Our artists treat these projects with the utmost care from the moment reference materials are sent over.

Sometimes that can mean a lot of upfront work to ensure we have everything we need. We understand that every reference file from every client may not be 100% complete. For example, we could receive a file that has a hose that just looks like a cylinder. In reality, that hose needs to look braided. That’s when our talented artists step in and custom model missing features or parts to make a complete picture.

While crafting accurate imagery, it’s also essential that we show off just how high-quality Gardner Denver’s products are. Their audience counts on these parts to solve huge operational challenges. Since our client promises reliability and efficiency, their imagery has to reflect that.

Our artists know that you have to spend the right amount of time on the details to make quality and realistic CGI. Texture application is crucial in our process for crafting Gardner Denver’s collateral. Because this imagery is used to educate and promote these products, they have to make the audience feel like they are looking at a picture of it.

Here’s Where CGI
Comes to the Rescue

The things that Gardner Denver is able to communicate with their imagery simply can’t be seen through the lens of your standard camera. You couldn’t cut half of a pump or compressor away and still be left with a product that will photograph well or tell the viewer how the product works.

Since our possibilities in the CGI world are almost endless, we have the ability to tell stories that couldn’t be told visually any other way. Stories like:

  1. What’s the makeup of this thing?
  2. How do the pieces work together?
  3. Why is this product higher quality than that of the competition?

When you’re working with technical products or something with a lot of detail, those stories need to be told. They also need to be told visually. Explaining these products without the right visual would most likely lead to a lot of confusion. People need to see it to believe it.

We make that happen for Gardner Denver and we can do the same for you.

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