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Knowing Your Brand Means More Than
Knowing Your Name

Understanding our clients’ wants and needs is at the core of who we are. We carefully learn and adapt to your processes, so we can successfully communicate the messages you want to send. We use collaborative techniques and strategies to make sure you are leading your prospective industry. But as a true partner, we know that it’s all in the details.

Kohler is a long-time partner of ours with an established brand identity. Their bold, elegant look is telltale. You know when you’re looking at a Kohler product, even when that product takes up only 5% of the space.

When They Came To Us
Over 10 Years Ago …

When they came to us over 10 years ago, they needed a way to showcase products that came in different colors and styles in an efficient, but effective way. Building, staging, and photographing set after set for every variety of product was getting too expensive and too time consuming.

Product Renderings like these gave Kohler the ability to show their customers unique features and detailed views that would be hard to capture otherwise. Not to mention, creating one file produces several other quality images that could be used in other collateral.

Does The Water
Look Fluid?

Does the grout on the backsplash look real? Are the edge pieces of floor tiles smoothed off? These are some of the things our QA Specialists look for when we’re creating Environment Renderings for Kohler. Their job is to make sure the 3D images are so photorealistic, you can’t tell whether it was made on a computer or photographed on a set.

Product Renderings and Environment Renderings are great solutions for products that are constantly changing and upgrading. Not to mention, updating a 3D image is much quicker than doing an entire photoshoot (especially if the product changes regularly; A new upgrade means a new photoshoot). These options give customers a detailed view of the product from any angle imaginable, and a look at what the product could look like in their home.

These are also great resources for customers to get to know a product. When we create imagery for Kohler, we know the goal is to captivate their audience. We also know that, in some situations, the imagery can’t stand alone.

Amazon A+ Content

Kohler often takes advantage of Amazon’s A+ Content marketing tool to showcase their products’ features and benefits.

Our Copywriters studied the Kohler brand voice to ensure the copy paired with the graphic and complemented the overall story of each product.

Kohler puts an incredible amount of effort into their identity, so we make sure to exceed expectations when delivering the products we create for them. We often include the artists that will work on the project in client communication so they’re able to portray the client’s vision better. They can also clarify that the impossible may actually be possible.

What Happens When You Need To Show
How Something Works?

Product Renderings, Environment Renderings, and A+ Content modules are great tools for certain products. But what happens when you need to show how something works? What if you need to show the working parts of a whole product? A 3D animation will do just the trick.

Creating an animation is a demanding process, from the initial discovery call to the final edits. Our VFX experts spend countless hours perfecting every detail, from lighting, to material, to overall flow.

Award-Winning Animation

Extremely detailed animations, like the one showcasing the Kohler EFI Engine, required strong collaboration between Kohler and our VFX experts to truly show the accuracy of such a complex product. As an added bonus, we just so happened to have an artist that knows engines because he regularly works on his motorcycle. We really mean it when we say we’re experts!

From the collaboration, teamwork, communication, and outstanding partnership between us, our team was able to produce an award-winning animation.

Interested in working with a team that takes as much pride in your brand as you? We’re ready to help you capture the attention of your audience, all you have to do is tell us when.

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