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The Benefits of a
Full-Service Partner

When we say we offer full-service capabilities to our clients, we really mean full-service. To help explain that a little bit, we couldn’t think of a better client to feature than the one and only Lennar Homes.

You see, MediaLab has been partnering with Lennar for over 15 years. This long-standing partnership is something that we truly value. Not only because of the great relationships we’ve built with the team there, but also because of the solutions we’ve been able to develop with them.

You name one of our products,
and one of Lennar’s divisions creates it with us.

Products like:

  • Static Floor Plans
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Single Family Exterior Renderings
  • Multifamily Exterior Renderings
  • Management Maps
  • Interior Renderings
  • Visualizers
  • Sales Center Presentations
  • Brochures
  • And more…

From the moment their CAD comes through our door, we are able to take it and run with it. We start off with things like Exterior Renderings and Interactive Floor Plans, and then we use that art in their Sales Center Presentations and Brochures. This collateral is then pushed live on their site, printed by our in-house print team, and shown in their sales centers all over the country.

That’s a lot of reuse, a lot of time saved (because they don’t have to send files from vendor to vendor), and a lot of issues avoided (because the project is overseen by the same team from start to finish). This team consists of Account Executives, Account Managers, artists, QA Specialists, and more. Since this group works on Lennar projects day after day, they’ve become experts on their brand.

Our team knows their brand and products inside and out. This knowledge has been documented to craft extremely detailed standards that each artist references while working on a Lennar project. These standards help our Client Services and QA teams spot errors from a mile away and solve potential issues before any project goes out the door.

With the builder industry moving at such a fast pace and evolving every day, this reuse and streamlined production process makes all the difference.

Working With Us From A-Z
Has So Many Perks

The biggest, we think, are the custom solutions we craft to fit a specific need. With such a strong partnership and understanding of each other’s products and processes, we always have our ear to the ground for any new needs Lennar may have. That’s actually how our Management Maps came about.

Management Maps are used behind the scenes to get everyone on the same page about statuses for sales, mortgage, construction, and more. You can input this information yourself or you can use our fully featured API to push the data real-time. We even offer integration services to link your systems to ours.

In Partnerships Like These,
Everyone Wins

Added bonus:
We were even able to repurpose collateral we made from them years prior to make them a new solution. That repurposing is a tremendous benefit for anyone that partners with us for a long time and takes advantage of a variety of our products.

And that is exactly what we did for Lennar. It’s partnerships like these that have allowed us to grow and expand our services over the years. Everyone wins.

If you’re interested in starting a partnership with us, or if you’re even an existing client looking to hear more, please …

don’t hesitate to
reach out

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