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photorealistic renderings

Showplace Cabinetry. We could go on and on about how much we love to partner with their team! While they are the first to tout how instrumental computer-generated imagery (CGI) has been to their marketing strategy, we’re the first to say it’s fantastic to work with such a dedicated team. Our artists love to make their GORGEOUS products shine. I mean, just look at these kitchens and bathrooms!

Their objective was to get photorealistic, cost-effective images without waiting. When they almost gave up, they talked to us about reaching that goal.

Spoiler alert: We. Made. It. Happen.


Before working with MediaLab, Showplace Cabinetry was primarily organizing physical photo shoots to get product marketing assets. That came with a lot of struggles.

They were photographing in homes of their employees and had limited exposure to set designs. In fact, 50% of their product images over the last 20 years have been shot in their own homes. If they wanted to shoot elsewhere, copyright issues were thrown at them left and right making it difficult for them to get access to different sets across the country.

Waiting for an install and dealing with the hassles of photo shoots was not an option anymore. Speed to market is critical for them, so this just wouldn’t do.

“Having to wait for somebody to install a new product, or look for opportunities for that, doesn’t go along with new product launches. Now, with MediaLab, we have the ability to actually have the images at time of launch or even before.” – Jon Bour, Vice President of Sales

other solutions

They were also relying heavily on physical samples to show off their products. Along with the travel time and logistical issues that come with that, they just don’t feel one sample gives you the full look, of say, what your kitchen will look like with their latest cabinet style.

“It would be like a car dealership trying to sell a new car and they show you a picture of the hood. Then you get to decide if you want to buy the car based on what the hood looks like.” – Bill Allen, President & Chief Operating Officer

Because of these hassles, along with the time and cost of standard photography, they decided to look for other solutions.

That’s when they gave CGI a shot. While they hoped this would be their saving grace to get more timely and cost-effective product images, they ended up having a tough time.

The quality of the images from their previous vendor were fine, but one image was taking anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete. Time was of the essence. This was not going to work.

the game

The Showplace team finally feels like they are ahead of the game and we couldn’t be happier to help them get there! They never really had marketing material before a product launch, but now, they are more prepared than ever. That means they can start promoting and selling way before they ever have.

Their dealers and customers no longer have to imagine what their products look like. There is no need to visualize. They can see it for themselves!

By avoiding the headaches of photo shoots, they are finding all sorts of perks. For example, they have the new opportunity to step out of the Midwest. You see, their photo shoots were restricted by a radius. The environments were all looking very similar.

With our renderings, they can now put scenes outside windows or doors that speak to more tropics or mountains. When audiences can relate more to your imagery, they are more likely to visualize your products in their own homes.

“Showing that door in an actual setting, and how well it works with the entire space, really helps to elevate the whole buying experience. That’s what we were able to accomplish with our first rendering. You didn’t have to imagine it. You could actually see it.” – Jon Bour, Vice President of Sales

vs. photo shoots

When asked to compare their previous photo shoots to working with us, the Showplace group said there is no comparison. Along with freeing up a ton of time for their marketing team, using CGI has cut their costs down to a third of what they were previously paying. A THIRD!

Not to mention, they would not even have the cabinets installed somewhere by the time we wrap up their projects. They also no longer have to deal with homeowners, dealers, schedules, etc. for photo shoots. Which, by the way, were day-long operations that would result in only three usable images.

They are getting, and will continue to get, great ROI on their assets crafted by our artists. All of their current renderings created with MediaLab are live on their site. They also use them for things like trade prints, sales rep resources, national media campaigns, and so much more.

The need for introducing products still exists for Showplace Cabinetry. That is their primary focus. They are also exploring opportunities to do animations or interactive sets. We’re thrilled to continue to partner with them and show off their stunning cabinets and vanities.

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