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Live-Action. Animation.
A Whole Lotta Heart.

A clear goal and unwavering passion made our first project with USF’s College of Pharmacy one of our favorites to produce. Live-action, animation, and a whole lotta heart went into this one.

You see, this isn’t your average college and this wasn’t your average campaign. The goal of our story was to show how much of a difference interactive learning could make.

We needed to show audiences just how cutting edge USF’s College of Pharmacy is and how they could use a new space being built in downtown Tampa. What the College of Pharmacy would be doing in this building could transform education and healthcare as we know it.

After introducing Dr. Sneed, the College of Pharmacy’s Founding Dean, it was important to capture how students are currently learning. We filmed the current classroom setting so that our imagery of future learning could make an even bigger impact.

AR/VR Experiences
Were Huge
For this Video

Our R&D team joined us on set to educate students and faculty on the technology. Current students got to play around with many devices including the HoloLens and Vive. Seeing their reactions in real-time, and hearing how helpful interactive learning like this could be for them, was priceless.

Audiences Needed
to See
What the User Would See

We knew that in order to get the right message across, we couldn’t just film people using the AR/VR hardware. Audiences needed to see what the user would see. It was also vital that we show a direct correlation between the tech and the College of Pharmacy subject matter.

In the video you’ll notice that we introduce a beta blocker traveling in the bloodstream. Since pharmacy students need to learn how a drug like this reacts inside the body, the heart had to respond. Seeing that happen in real-time vs. just reading it in a textbook made all the difference.

VFX and Live-Action

But how do you show this in a way that makes the audience feel like they are experiencing the content with the students? How do you show something more engaging than just recordings of the experience? You integrate visual effects (VFX) with live-action, that’s how.

Careful directing and extreme attention to detail had to go into our on-site filming to make this integration work right. We had to get enough footage of the students making the right hand motions so we could incorporate the VFX with whatever we filmed.

After we filmed students learning with AR/VR, it was time to reveal the new space. This couldn’t be done with live-action, though. Why? Well… there was one, small (*sarcasm*) problem: The space wasn’t built yet!

Our artists created a 360° Panorama that audiences could experience on their own. By just putting on some cardboard goggles and scanning the QR code, users could virtually walk through the floor we designed and built in 3D. They could experience the type of environment that would stimulate and support interactive learning.

Not only did our artists create this space, they also created an experience for the audience. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to let these students have all of the fun, right?

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know the USF College of Pharmacy team. Their students and faculty are some of the most passionate people we’ve ever met. It was inspiring to see what they’re doing to transform healthcare, and we have no doubt they will continue to do amazing things.

And Without
Further Ado …

You can experience the finished video here:

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