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Our partners are no stranger to fast-paced environments, last-minute changes, and even unprecedented situations that change the course of marketing seemingly overnight. When it comes to being innovative and thinking on their feet, our friends at Arcadia navigated exceptionally unique times with ease.

Let’s face it; no matter the industry, we have all come across a tricky situation that made us rethink our initial plans. Maybe the trade show you’ve spent months preparing for suddenly gets cancelled. Or the in-person presentation pitch gets pushed back, but the product needs to be launched as soon as possible. Perhaps your website needs more e-commerce capabilities to keep up with the online shopping boom.

As challenging as those moments can be, Arcadia saw an opportunity to take a cancelled in-person trade show and turn it into a digital experience for their customers. An experience they could enjoy and engage with from the comfort of their home.


Arcadia has been putting their customers’ needs first since 1979. Their high-quality products, responsiveness to change, and significant focus on customer satisfaction set the bar for industry-leading standards that are second to none.

Their line of products range in variety, all curated to fit into markets such as corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and much more. Their flexible nature allows them to exceed their customers’ expectations, no matter their needs.

are timing and scale size

If a product needs to be launched by a certain date, but components require longer than average tooling time or if the product is too large in scale and scope to manufacture for photography purposes, 3D renderings allow Arcadia to have the best of both worlds.

Arcadia wanted to supplement a lack of in-person events and cancelled trade shows with a tool that offered the same experience. A large-scale trade show event that takes place in the Midwest was cancelled in 2020, however, Arcadia’s backup plan filled a void that helped introduce their new products.

The Pano Changer was created with gaps like these in mind, showing the various products or options in a scene without physically building out an entire setting. Users can really get a good look around a space with a Pano Changer and can dive deeper by checking “Hot Spots” or other media included.

“You can show multiple ways to use the same product in one viewpoint. It’s a more engaging experience that you capture sooner, versus scrolling multiple images to get the whole story.”

– Helen Kim, VP of Marketing, Arcadia

With a high-quality, interactive tool like the Pano Changer, Arcadia really does get the best of both worlds. By creating this tool, the team is able to engage their customers with an engaging tool, but the benefits don’t end there. The still imagery taken from the Pano Changer maximizes the reuse capability, getting a bigger bang for your buck.

seamlessly integrate

Familiar with virtual show rooms and digital experiences, the team at Arcadia saw a sudden demand for a specific kind of tech.

While Arcadia finds success in their well-oiled product photo shoots, their interest in 3D never wavered. Weaving CGI into their strategy was seamless, maximizing their benefits from both processes. At MediaLab, we could not agree more. As unique as both CGI and photography are, harmonizing the two into a singular strategy augments your pipeline in a phenomenal way.

“We are primarily still doing traditional photography, but there will always be instances where making the furniture isn’t feasible or practical. That’s when we turn to renderings.”

– Helen Kim, VP of Marketing, Arcadia


We’re proud of the partnership we’ve built with Arcadia. Working together to create the best possible outcomes no matter the situation strengthens a bond that only happens in partnerships like these.

“Wrapping it up into one statement, I’d have to say the end results exceeded our expectations. The entire process was well thought-out and incredibly organized, and we appreciated the collaborative aspects that helped define the overall experience. We wish everything could be this easy.”

– Helen Kim, VP of Marketing, Arcadia on working with MediaLab

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