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How Sitonit Seating uses CGI to Promote
Quality Products

High-quality imagery is essential for anyone promoting a product. This imagery doesn’t just show your audience what you offer – it shows them what you stand for. It represents that you value quality and the content you put out there. A potential buyer must have confidence in your product before making a buying decision. This imagery is the perfect way to give them that confidence.

Put yourself in the buyer’s seat. Say you’re looking to purchase something like an office chair, for example. You’re going to sit in that chair every day. Or, you could be buying chairs for an entire group that will sit in those chairs every day. If your team is going to be productive, they better like those chairs. Isn’t this starting to feel like a big commitment? You better start researching…

So, how do you know this chair you’re looking at online is the right one? You’re going to make sure it’s the right color. The imagery better reflect that. You’re going to make sure it’s the right material. The imagery better reflect that. Most importantly: You’re going to make sure it’s a quality chair that will last. Do you see where we are going with this?

SitOnIt Seating has been a client of ours for many years. We love seeing what new designs and functionality they come out with season after season. Crafting their Product and Environment Renderings has given our team a lot of opportunity to flex their creative muscles and develop some compelling imagery.

Side Note:

We also happen to sit in their chairs while working on these projects, and let us tell you, they are AMAZING.

Product renderings like these
help customers, just like you,
get the views they need.

You’re able to see the things that matter most: colors, materials, quality, etc.

We also display the chairs in interesting ways so that it catches the viewer’s eye. After (most likely) researching chair after chair, having imagery with interesting and detailed perspective could make all the difference.

SitOnIt Seating also takes advantage of CGI to show off their families or product collections. Their renderings enable you to see all of the color options that are available. You can also look at a variety of chairs to see what would look good together when furnishing an entire office.

CGI like this also gives you a lot of flexibility
when you need more from your imagery.

Now, we know what you might be wondering at this point: Can’t you also do all of these things with standard photography? The answer is simple: Yes, but we’d like to tell you why CGI has the leg up here.

If you have the same chair model, for example, changing the colors in CGI is much more cost-effective than setting up a new photo shoot. We can change colors, materials, angles, and so much more with ease. That gives you great ROI and a lot of flexibility when it comes to requesting a variety of images.

CGI like this also gives you a lot of flexibility when you need more from your imagery. If you’re buying that chair, for example, wouldn’t it be nice to see how it could fit in a room with other design elements? That’s what Environment Renderings are for. These images start to really put things in perspective.

Not only can you start to better visualize these chairs in your own space, but if you’re a client of ours that takes advantage of both Product Renderings and Environment Renderings, you’re going to be able to save some time and budget. The same chairs that were crafted for the Product Renderings can be placed in scenes with whatever aesthetic you’re looking for.

These are just some of the perks CGI has to offer. You can read more about the benefits in our blog post here. If you’ve already got the info you need and you’d like to kick off your next project, get in touch.

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